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smart pressure

Hand-pressure roller with double grip and magnetic closing system for the handles to press on.

Product description and general technical features

X-Press is a professional tool, specific and necessary to apply an even pressure on laminate sheets, veneer and similar onto flat surfaces, panels in general etc. 

It has to be used after gluing, during coupling in order to avoid air bubbles. Easy and handy to use, very stable, this manual pressure roller grant strong and constant pressure while working. 

The end stopper system is very robust and it allows to operate free without any further device which could limit a correct and fast use.

This tool is also provided with simple but efficient closing system for the handles, magnetic, that, when the tool is not in use, secures the handles closed and hinged, with no need to of additional unpractical mechanical latch.

_ roller full width: 100 mm
_ roller diameter: 60 mm