Our history and our mission

Located in Borgosesia (VC) in the heart of an industrial district famous worldwide for its excellent and refined production, PIZZI PGS develops with passion and determination its activity in the field of design and production of machines and systems for the application of cold glues and adhesives.

Our story begins in 1958, when Mr. Ugo Pizzi founded PIZZI S.p.A.
From the very beginning of the company – in those days active in the production of furniture – the search for radically new ideas, continuous improvements and solutions aimed at optimising the production system, was already an integral part of the company, contained in the DNA of its founder.

Thus, the idea of making the various glue application systems efficient in its production process and at each individual gluing station, was simply part of this great approach and continuous drive for improvement. Contained in the DNA of its founder.

Looking for the glue bottle or the brush – which, back then… were the gluing devices -, finding them empty, dirty, wasting time while they could not be found and why, this was not the way Mr. Ugo Pizzi wanted to work.
Later, around 1975, after designing and building the first gluing systems and then testing what is now PIZZI’s main product in his joinery, the idea that marked the beginning of the company as we know it, led Mr. Ugo Pizzi to set up PIZZI Officine, a manufacturer specialising in the design and production of systems and machines for the application of cold glue and adhesives.
In a very short time, this innovative idea reached many woodworkers around the world and the name PIZZI has since become synonymous with high-quality systems and machines.

Today, our headquarters and production unit are located in Borgosesia (VC), Piedmont, with an organisation sized and structured to design and produce our complete product range.

Our precise and efficient systems, together with an extensive program of cold glue and adhesive application solutions, support our customers in building and converting their products in a more economical way, reducing energy, time and glue consumption and thus also having a positive impact on the environment.
This is why we see many manufacturers in the industry becoming more and more sensitive and determined to make their gluing stations more efficient in their various processes and production cycles, both in solid wood and panel processing.
Our products and solutions must always meet the highest standards.

That is why we invest so much care and passion in our development, in our production down to the smallest detail and in the realisation of even the most insignificant details always with the utmost dedication. For tailor-made solutions that always give our customers the edge through optimal productivity, complete reliability and clear, unquestionable profitability.

These goals remain the focal point of our corporate mission, along with an open dialogue with all our customers and partners.
The result will always be a tailor-made solution down to the smallest detail.

Choosing PIZZI means being able to count on the reliability of a great brand, which comes from its past, its passion and a deep design thinking that enables it to provide… ‘added value, exclusively made in Italy’.