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Cod. 1096

Pneumatic system for the spraying of two components water-based contact adhesives.

Easy to use, compact and equipped with a portable cart, making it very easy and light to move.

Simple to be refilled thanks to the complete opening of each single tanks lids.

Fields of application
The TCW pneumatic system – model 1096 – represents the ideal solution for the gluing of foams (e.g. polyurethane, polyester, polystyrene) on a wide range of surfaces such as metal, wood, chipboard, fabric, leather, etc.

It is particularly used in upholstery, automotive and insulation sectors.

Information and instructions for the adjustments of the spray gun 0136
1. catalyst outlet nozzle.
2. adjustment valve for the catalyst quantity.
3. air flow adjustment. It is possible to obtain a round shape spray pattern of 30/40 mm. at an approx. distance of 30 cm. At a distance of about 50 cm it is possible to obtain a round shape spray pattern of aprox 50 mm but loosing product quantity. No overspray up to 1-2 bar of air flow. Ideal adjustment ¼ turn. 4. Adjustment needle for the adhesive quantity.

A5 schema