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Height-adjustable gluing station with swivel top.

Gluing station for manual glue application.

Structure in painted steel, on wheels, with adjustable pins
to position and hold the glue tank. The pins are adjustable according to the diameter of the two tanks available in the catalog, A8 Range and AIX Range, in stainless steel. 

The glue feeder is provided with a manual glue spraying gun, with adjustable flow and universal nozzle. Each glue feeder can be fitted with 1, 2 or 3 glue guns on which it is possible to connect a wide range of standard nozzles and also custom-made ones, all interchangeable on PIZZI glue guns.

The top part includes a swivel disk that has the function of supporting pieces and components to be glued. The pins fixed on the disc are sliding (in specific slots) and adjustable in order to position and block the parts to be glued according to their size.