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Cod. JP2

Range of cnc automatic gluing plotters for intelligent glue application with integrated CAD-CAM system.

Description, features and benefits

2-axis CNC version.

Compared to manual operations, the JET Gluing plotter range allow to automate and to speed up the all gluing operations made on flat shapes, increasing productivity and granting a great cut of the operations of the processing cycles, making gluing and assembling stations work on much higher levels. Integrated CAD-CAM system.

These machines ensure maximum cleanliness, superior and consistent quality of each glue application, together with absolute high standards of repeatability and accuracy of trajectories.

Given the easiness and speed for new operations setup, their usage is indicated and already profitable for small runs and batches of production.

For cold glue application, PVAc, it is ideal for batches of same wood components, to apply glue points in the following processes:

• into dowel holes, into female dowel holes;

• side rails;

• grooves, back side grooves;

• V-shaped cuts, typical of drawers components with folding system construction.

A number of adjustments are available in order to optimize the operation and quality of glue application.