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FACE line

Cod. GF1 - 250

1 roller-glue-spreading machine with compact design.

Description, features and benefits
Line of automatic glue spreaders for face gluing, for the application of glues and adhesives on various surfaces, ideal for applying glue and adhesives before pressing and laminating.

Fields of application
Ideal for the application of glues and adhesives on flat and profiled edges.
Components in wood, solid wood, panels, lammels, lippings, strips, blocks, boards, blockboards, beams with flat, straight edges, wooden beams, wooden planks, grooves and groove joints, milling and profiles of all kinds, on chipboards, MDF, hardboard, solid wood, etc.
Small or large lots, even of different sizes (thickness, width, length), even with porous surfaces, in the production of blockboard, glulam, parquet and similar.